Monday, 11 March 2013

Project Life 2013 - February

Still loving this project :)  I couldn't wait until the end of February so that I could do the next installment of my Project Life!  All month I was making notes and planning which photos I wanted to include and pinning loads of ideas onto my Project Life Pinterest Board :)  My February page turned out quite different from my January page, probably because I was trying out lots of new ideas!  Who knows if I will settle into a "style" or if my pages will keep changing month by month?  How exciting to find out!

I really wanted to use my old typewriter (and will have to learn to not mind any typos if I want to type straight onto my journalling cards!) - love how the old fashioned typing looks.  I am also loving journalling and/or adding a title or embellishments directly onto the photos.

I've got my list on the go for my March pages already and still got loads of ideas to try out in the coming months, as well as some new journalling cards and bits and bobs that I was lucky enough to get for Mother's Day :)  Can't wait until the end of March!

Carole x