Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Cooper Cuddles (and a new technique)

Recently, I found a pin on Pinterest which appealed to me (actually most of them do, that is surely the whole point of pins!). It was a "how to" kind of pin, this time how to transfer print.  So, today was the day to try it!  If you never try, you'll never know, right?!  

I'm not sure I like it! But I tried it, and that is something I wouldn't have done a whole ago, and it could have turned out to be my new favourite technique!

I struggled with this layout, but was pleased with how it turned out in the end - but it wasn't until the very end that I felt it had all come together, sometimes you get that feeling much sooner, or is that just me?!

Thanks for looking :)

Carole x

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Bucket full of memories

I didn't have a long time in my craft room today - less than two hours by the time I had walked the dogs and got sat down.  A sketch was the way forward as I seem to be finding them a bit easier at the moment!  I very nearly finished it before I had to go out but there is no point rushing, so I finished it when I got home!

I am rather pleased with how this one turned out - don't you love it when that happens?!

Thanks for looking!

Carole x

Friday, 30 May 2014

Happy Little Chappy

How naughty am I to sneak into my craft room AGAIN today?  Not for very long though, and I did confess my sin to my hubby!!!

I just adore this photo of my son taken when he was about two.  I have been wanting to scrap it since I found it lurking in an old box of photos, and today was the right day!  It was inspired by a page on Pinterest, and I was pleased with how it turned out and to have that photo out of my box and into my album! 

Have a great weekend!

Carole x

Thursday, 29 May 2014

With Love

I managed to sneak into my craft room for a couple of hours this morning (the housework will still be there tomorrow, and I had already walked the dogs).  Let's just say that children being around didn't exactly help even though it was a fairly simple design taken from a digital scrapbook page found on Pinterest.

I managed to use some favourite scraps of paper on this one, some now all gone! I also found a couple of bits, a tag and a little journaling card and used them as a title :)  I'm loving scrapping old family photos, it makes me feel like I am making up a little bit for all those lost years when my babies were small :)

Carole x

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

School Girl

So it's Tuesday, and that means a day of crafting ... except it's also school holidays and things never go quite to plan when there are little people around - not my little people but Emma's!  Today was no different! Emma and I selected a sketch to work from but things just didn't quite work out, for Emma at least :(  poor Emma ended up dismantling her page because she was unhappy with it, but I persevered and here is my page:

I find it quite hard working with old photos whose colours have faded, and my first attempt with a white background was awful due to the aged photo, but I quite like the blue that I ended up using.  I found some "school" bits - flash card and handwriting and added them since it was a school photo!

Emma had an unexpected visitor so we only got to attempt one page together today but I did also manage a birthday card:

My card was totally scrap lifted from a pin on Pinterest, and I love it!  I really love that little owl punch!

Thanks for looking!

Carole xxx

Friday, 23 May 2014

Boys, Brothers, Friends

Now that I have joined Bloglovin', I thought that I probably should make more of an effort to actually blog a little more frequently!  So, here is a page that I did the other day, and one that I was pleased with :)  Always a bonus!

I have been wanting to scrap these photos for a little while now - they were taken at the beginning of December 2013, and I also have another series and a few individual ones too!  I used my Crate Paper bargain TK Maxx collection of papers then popped a few more bits and bobs on and voila!  Loving the curly bakers twine (which I secured with tiny blobs of glossy accents and tucking under photos etc).

Hope you like it too!  Thanks for looking!

Carole xxx


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Thursday, 13 March 2014

Love You

I recently found a whole box of old photos - in the "olden days" I used Doubleprint or even Tripleprint to develop my camera films and it was mainly the little photos that I found! I am delighted to be able to scrap photos of my teenagers when they were babies, makes up for some of the lost years!

So this layout was really quite simple, I found a 3 x 4 project life card and went from there! 

Carole x

Sunday, 9 March 2014


Sorry for the slightly longer gap between posts, it's been rather eventful around here!  I had a wonderful long weekend away crafting with three other lovely ladies, and completed 12 layouts whilst away - will be popping them on here in due course.

My other big news is that I finally managed to persuade my hubby that we did "need" another dog! After two failed attempts (for various reasons) we rescued the most adorable little boy yesterday whom we have named Cooper.  No doubt there will be many pages featuring the little fella in the years to come!

This layout was done on the morning I was supposed to be packing to go away for the crafty weekend! Seemed a shame not to - good practise for the weekend ahead!!!

I was pleased with how this one turned out, the title card I had had for ages and was just perfect for this layout! I guess it helps too that I really love these papers (my minds eye Stella rose) but they are nearly all gone now :(

Carole x

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

In this Moment

I used some REALLY old papers for this layout! Papers that I have had forever ... But still am very fond of!

The photo is also very old, of my mum and Derek, and I have had it in my pile of photos to be scrapped for ages, and finally it is in my album along with those lovely old papers :)

Carole x

Friday, 21 February 2014

Sun kissed

So I found a pin on Pinterest that used the zig zag paper on this layout (crate paper the pier) only it was the other half, the blues and greens. I preferred the pinks for these little photos (and can still use the blues another time!)

Not one of my favourite layouts, which is a shame because the photos are too cute!

Carole x

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Little Man

Look how messy I got with this one!!! I sprayed and splatted and stamped all on one layout!!! Those are words I never expected to say!

I was using up some stickers and the last sheet of echo park paper I had and there it is! I quite like it! More words I never thought I would say!

Carole x

Thursday, 13 February 2014

A Family is a Patchwork of Love

I really like doing grid type layouts so this one was right up my street :)

This one is great for using up little bits and scraps (the middle square in the top row is a personal favourite and I now only have a square measuring about 4cm x 4cm)!

I love this photo of my two with their little cousins and although you can't tell, it was taken up in the trees on the tree top trail at Moors Valley!

Carole x

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Only One Noddy Slipper

Before I show you another layout that I did yesterday, I must apologise for how my photos are appearing on my blog - it's all good if you click on the photo but about a quarter of my photos are hidden. Not sure why, must be something to do with blogging from my iPhone ... I will try and fix this technical glitch!

So, I came across this photo from about 17 years ago and I love it so just had to scrap it!

This was created using a sketch from Pinterest, and mainly scraps from my scraps box (another new concept for me!)

Carole x

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

2 Cute

It's crafty Tuesday! As usual Emma and I hooked up together via Skype and crafted together! We managed two layouts together and Emma finished a third while I also made a valentine card which I will share once my hubby has opened it!

This photo has been hanging around for ages! I spent ages searching for it on my computer to find the actual date because both girls are much more grown up now!

Most of the patterned papers are from October Afternoon Woodland Park with a few other bits including some splats with a teal blue mister Huey ink spray.

Carole x

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Project Life Update

I am delighted that I have managed to complete a whole year of Project Life :)  Now I'm not sure why I put off starting it for so long - I KNEW I was going to love it, and I do! It's just something about filling those scrummy little pockets! I love being able to look back through last year and remember the little stories.

So, before I could start PL 2014 I needed to make my 12 month cards so that they were consistent throughout the year.

With a lovely little stack of months ready to go (I do a double page spread for each month, I would never be able to keep up doing it weekly) I tackled January:

Being January, it was a little bit quiet and we all kind of hibernated, so I used a couple of filler cards, but I like them!

Another benefit of doing PL monthly is that I will be able to get at least two years into one album, and so I made a little divider tab thingy so I can easily find where 2014 starts :)

If anyone is thinking of starting PL - just do it! What's not to love about having a photo album journal to look back on and treasure? I wish this kind of thing had been around when my babies were little, what a lovely way of recording their childhood that would have been. Sigh.

Carole x

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Soggy Sisters

Here is something I wouldn't have been brave enough to tackle a while ago! Just recently my neglected watercolour paints have seen quite a lot of action! I drew a circle then painted it in two different colours to coordinate with my photo, picked a few papers and did a few more splats and there you go!  Although I am new to using "wet stuff" on my layouts, I love this one! (My sister isn't so keen on the photo though!!!)

As a follow up to my last post, I was rather silly and forgot to take a photo when I met up with the birthday girl, but here is the birthday card I made for her:

Carole x

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Birthday Hug

This layout is quite appropriate ... The photo was taken on my birthday but tomorrow it is Louise's birthday (and I am hoping to get a similar photo with her as the birthday girl)

I really like the colours, and the ombré paper and the little sequin pocket, and I have been waiting to find the perfect layout to use one of my perfect little pink corduroy brads! They are so cute! And so tactile :)

Carole x

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Wot no Treasure?

I just love this photo!!! It HAD to be scrapped! We were mucking around on the beach while my brother in law was playing with his new metal detector and this is one of my favourite shots!

I used some Dear Lizzy papers and just cut the chevrons out then sewed them down.  I love how this layout turned out!

Carole x

Monday, 27 January 2014

Don't take these moments for granted

My scrapping style has changed.  A lot.  Before, I was terrified of going anywhere near my layouts with anything wet, but I am starting to love it!  

This one wasn't that brave as I used a loo roll to stamp the circles and a stamp for the splats but a lot of my current pages do have plenty of the wet stuff! You'll see ;)

Carole x

Friday, 24 January 2014

I'm Back :)

I'm back! I found an app (well actually my sister found it) that lets me blog from my phone so I thought I would try it!  A few people have told me off for not blogging for such a long time, and here was me thinking no one would miss me!

Although I haven't been blogging, I have been scrapping, so if this works I have LOADS to share, including my Project Life pages (2013 is complete and I'm ready to start 2014), my completed 2013 December daily/Christmas journal and of course plenty of scrapbook pages.

So, here is a page that I did today, from a sketch pinned to my Pinterest board (Emma and I did three layouts together today and as usual, they all turned out completely different).

The background paper is much greener in real life, a kind of sage green. The other bits all came from my scraps box - one thing that I have got much better about, amongst others ...

Carole x