Sunday, 9 February 2014

Project Life Update

I am delighted that I have managed to complete a whole year of Project Life :)  Now I'm not sure why I put off starting it for so long - I KNEW I was going to love it, and I do! It's just something about filling those scrummy little pockets! I love being able to look back through last year and remember the little stories.

So, before I could start PL 2014 I needed to make my 12 month cards so that they were consistent throughout the year.

With a lovely little stack of months ready to go (I do a double page spread for each month, I would never be able to keep up doing it weekly) I tackled January:

Being January, it was a little bit quiet and we all kind of hibernated, so I used a couple of filler cards, but I like them!

Another benefit of doing PL monthly is that I will be able to get at least two years into one album, and so I made a little divider tab thingy so I can easily find where 2014 starts :)

If anyone is thinking of starting PL - just do it! What's not to love about having a photo album journal to look back on and treasure? I wish this kind of thing had been around when my babies were little, what a lovely way of recording their childhood that would have been. Sigh.

Carole x

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