Sunday, 29 July 2012

A Breath of Fresh Air

I really wish that I had started scrapbooking years and years ago.  I feel that I missed out on all those wonderful baby and toddler moments while my two were little.  I know that I could get copies of some of the pics and do them now, but sometimes the stories behind the pictures are forgotten even if the pictures are still cute :(  Never mind, I have oodles of pictures still to scrap ...

Which brings me on to this photo, taken a few years ago.  I remember it clearly!

I hesitated to use the pastel colours at first since both Phil and Hayden are in the photo, but having borrowed the lovely duffle coat, that was the colour that was "speaking" to me!!!

Carole x

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Ogres are Like Onions

I did this layout a little while ago now, but I think it is one of my favourites!  I love the photo which was taken when we visited America in 2006 (and which has prompted me to order quite a few more photos of our Disney trip to be scrapped - so be warned!)  It is pretty simple, but having used nearly a whole pack of green brads gives it a bit of a wow (well, I think so anyway!  It also felt a bit extravagant, but since I had picked the brads up in the sale really cheaply I thought why not?!)

Carole x

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Butter Wouldn't Melt

Do you remember a little while ago me saying how some of my layouts I like, some are OK and some I really like?  Well this is one that I really like!  It helps that I used my lovely new papers which I love, and I think that it also helps that the photos I scrapped had a real story behind them!  In fact, everything just kind of fell into place (don't you just love it when that happens?!)

I think that I need to remember to print sets of photos in future instead of just picking the best one to get a print of - I like that there are three pics which is rather unusual for me.

I hope you like my layout!

Carole x

p.s.  I have finally managed to get Alex crafting again!  We have been Smashing together!  It does mean that I have lost my pink Smash book, but she is doing some fabulous pages and gaining in confidence!

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

15 at Fifteen

So here is a little layout that I did for my DS Hayden.  It isn't easy to get a good picture of Hayden, he isn't keen on having his photo taken, and I wanted to do a layout to celebrate his 15th birthday - in fact I quite like this idea, wish I had seen it on Pinterest sooner!!!  Never mind, can still get the next few, and already planning the one for Alex's 18th in my head :)  Actually, I really wish that I scrapbooked when my kids were little, I feel that I have missed so many ... better late than never though I suppose!

Once again for this layout I turned to my Basic Grey Boxer papers - they are just so perfect for male layouts and cards!  I tried to keep the embellishments masculine, butterflies can be male too!!!  It took me several goes to type out the list on my ancient old typewriter, kept doing typos (v. annoying to say the least!) Then when I showed Hayden his finished page, bless him (not) he pointed out another one :(  Me, being me, couldn't just leave it on there - that would never do - he's like his Mum like that :)

Carole x

Monday, 2 July 2012

Ghost The Musical Smash*

This past weekend we had a bit of a chilled out couple of days (just what was really needed!)  Therefore,  I managed to sneak into my Crafty Corner and do a couple of Smash pages (yep, doing my usual thing of getting stuck in a particular rut!)

What can I say about this show?  It's AMAZING.  Go and see it (but be quick because for some completely unknown reason, it is closing in the Autumn).

So, while I was on a roll, and had a little bit of time to play, I did another page, this time very much lead by the papers/pages in the Smash book:

I totally went with the colour scheme and used my Cuttlebug to cut out a title and used a page out of my Top Ten Smash little book which went so well with the colours :)  Then I just journalled!

Hope you like my pages!

Carole x