Sunday, 29 July 2012

A Breath of Fresh Air

I really wish that I had started scrapbooking years and years ago.  I feel that I missed out on all those wonderful baby and toddler moments while my two were little.  I know that I could get copies of some of the pics and do them now, but sometimes the stories behind the pictures are forgotten even if the pictures are still cute :(  Never mind, I have oodles of pictures still to scrap ...

Which brings me on to this photo, taken a few years ago.  I remember it clearly!

I hesitated to use the pastel colours at first since both Phil and Hayden are in the photo, but having borrowed the lovely duffle coat, that was the colour that was "speaking" to me!!!

Carole x


  1. I love it Carole! The papers are perfect for the duffle coat and the repeated circles look really good. Who says you can't use pastels on "boy" pages!!
    Hugs xx

  2. Love your gorgeous beautiful layout Carole.

  3. loving your pastel colours! looks fabulous as always xxxxxx

  4. I love the design of this page - did you follow a sketch? The button/circle clusters are fabulous, and so is that coat!!!

  5. Yes, I agree, I wish I'd known about scrapbooking when my two were babies, so many little memories and things I could have captured, that sadly have been lost in time :( Still, at least we have lots of lovely photos, and this is still so lovely Carole. xxxx :)