Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Butter Wouldn't Melt

Do you remember a little while ago me saying how some of my layouts I like, some are OK and some I really like?  Well this is one that I really like!  It helps that I used my lovely new papers which I love, and I think that it also helps that the photos I scrapped had a real story behind them!  In fact, everything just kind of fell into place (don't you just love it when that happens?!)

I think that I need to remember to print sets of photos in future instead of just picking the best one to get a print of - I like that there are three pics which is rather unusual for me.

I hope you like my layout!

Carole x

p.s.  I have finally managed to get Alex crafting again!  We have been Smashing together!  It does mean that I have lost my pink Smash book, but she is doing some fabulous pages and gaining in confidence!


  1. Oh this is fabulous.

  2. I love it Carole! The papers are so pretty and I think the three photos look so good together.And yay! for Alex crafting again.
    Hugs xx

  3. OMG! I totally agree with you that this is one of the best pages, i love all of it and those stacked butterflies look amazing!!! as do the 3 photographs, you must make that a rule from now on, to take and use more than one photo for a topic, even if you print more you can always just use one if you fancy, or more if you are feeling daring!! :)
    Also loving all your pages that you did whilst I've been away, and love that Alex is back into crafting, will be nice for the pair of you to have something that you can share :)

  4. What a beautiful layout Carole - what are the papers?

    Smash - hmmmm - got the red book about two months ago and still lying untouched!

    Keep up the good work.


  5. fab LO carole, I love the way you you've 3 photos without it being over crowded...

    as for alex, good news for her but not for you, (you will just have to buy a couple of new books to replace the ONE she's taken, lol)...

    maria xx

  6. Just stunning!!!! xxxx :)