Friday, 30 April 2010

The first of many Morris layouts

I did it!!! I scrapped! I haven't done anywhere near enough scrapbooking, something that I would like to put right. Today however, the urge came on (probably because I have worked my way through my crafty "to do list" this week). I'm not one to just sit down and scrap. No. Instead, I plan it all. I have ideas buzzing around in my head, sometimes for weeks. I wish I could just go for it.

So, here it is. My first Morris layout, and I'm sure, the first of many. When something is just so cute it just begs to be photographed and then scrapped! I've used Basic Grey Archaic papers because the photo seemed to match up quite well. Having my buttons in the jars on display on my desk just called out to me, so on they went too, and I surprised myself at how well it all went together.

A little bit of good kitchen news too - our tiles have been delivered so we can collect them some time over the weekend. We can't put them up yet though, still not heard from the plasterer .....

Carole x

Thursday, 29 April 2010

No Crafting today, but I did make something ...

Sadly, there was no action in the Crafty Corner today :( I had a rotten headache, so even went for a little lie down which was going swimmingly until a certain little red devil kitten dive bombed me and woke me up with a start (you can go off kittens you know!) The same little minx also woke us up at 5.45 a.m., so not a good start to the day! It's just as well he's got such a cute little face that we can forgive him!

So, although no crafting, I did make something! A batch of Orange and Cranberry Muffins - yum! These are based on a Nigella recipe from her Christmas book (that I made for the first time on Christmas morning as they are named "Christmas Morning Muffins"!) but I have adapted it to my tried and tested basic muffin mixture that I then add whatever ingredients I fancy to! I wondered about giving you the recipe here, so let me know if you would like it!

Notice the kitchen wall behind the muffins? We are in the process of renovating our kitchen, so no doubt there will be more on that as it progresses. At the moment we are waiting to hear from the plasterer before we can actually make a start, and I have to avoid crumbling plaster in my muffins!

Carole x

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

The Crafty Corner

OK, a couple of friends have asked to see my "Crafty Corner". I have only recently moved into my own crafting space, before I stored my stash in three separate locations and had to drag it all to the dining table before I could craft which wasn't ideal although it was quite sociable as my daughter and I could craft together. Last year, we bought some fitted office furniture for the space under our stairs, and we had our PC there as our study area. However, now we have all got laptops, so the study wasn't being used, so I have taken it over!!! It's not huge, and I have already filled up all the available storage, but it is my very own "Crafty Corner" (hence the blog name!)

My noticeboard itself is special, as my OH made it for me, but it contains bits that I have made for myself along with gorgeous bits received from some of my lovely crafty pals (thanks girls!) I have big plans to make more things for myself for my corner - watch this space!!!

So now you know where I am most creative!!! Have managed a little crafting today, a set of ATC's for our May swap, but can't show you yet in case the recipient sees this post!!!

Carole x

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

A Whole Day of Crafting!

Today has been great! The sun has been shining all day, but was I outside enjoying it? No. I was inside having a lovely time crafting in my very own Crafty Corner!

I made my lovely little niece's 2nd birthday card (can't believe she is two already!), some thank you cards to send out after my birthday last week, a get well soon card for a friend in hospital, and I made and decorated a matchbox and also filled it with embellishments for a swap that I am joining in with over on the Docrafts Scrapbooking forum. Phew!!!

For Evie's card I have used the Honey & Hugs range from Docrafts, really cute (just like Evie!). For the other cards, I have used one of my favourite things, brown paper! Love it! I wanted to keep these simple and then use my new set of sentiments stamps for whatever I needed, then discovered that the "Thank You" stamp was tiny, so opted for the Just a note to say .... The butterfly die cutter was a birthday present, and although not a traditional "pretty" butterfly, I love it! I reckon if I use stripey paper it could be a bee, or even a dragonfly!

Isn't it funny how once you have done some crafting you get the urge to do more (until life gets in the way that is!) Actually, I NEED to craft as I still have a couple of things on my "to do list"!

Carole x

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Carole's Crafty Corner

Welcome to Carole's Crafty Corner!