Friday, 30 April 2010

The first of many Morris layouts

I did it!!! I scrapped! I haven't done anywhere near enough scrapbooking, something that I would like to put right. Today however, the urge came on (probably because I have worked my way through my crafty "to do list" this week). I'm not one to just sit down and scrap. No. Instead, I plan it all. I have ideas buzzing around in my head, sometimes for weeks. I wish I could just go for it.

So, here it is. My first Morris layout, and I'm sure, the first of many. When something is just so cute it just begs to be photographed and then scrapped! I've used Basic Grey Archaic papers because the photo seemed to match up quite well. Having my buttons in the jars on display on my desk just called out to me, so on they went too, and I surprised myself at how well it all went together.

A little bit of good kitchen news too - our tiles have been delivered so we can collect them some time over the weekend. We can't put them up yet though, still not heard from the plasterer .....

Carole x


  1. fab layout carole, love the colours you've used, also morris looks so cute...

    I'm the same as you, it takes me weeks to do just one page, saying that haven't scrapped since last year :-(

    maria x

  2. What a wonderful LO hes just so adorable Glad your tiles have come hugs alma xx

  3. Hi Carole!!!

    I'm not ignoring you, honest! I'm so sorry I've missed all your calls :(

    Thank you soooo much for the fab ATC's I LOVE!!! them all :)
    My ATC folder is starting to look pretty chubby now, hurray!!!

    I love your layout, Morris is soooo much bigger now, gosh, what will he be like when he's fully grown?! It's beautiful Carole!

    I ADORE your crafty corner, yummy baking and scrummy layout, oh I just wish I could pop over, what fun we'd have!

    Promise to call you next week :)
    Suzie xxxxx :)

    PS. I popped into Dulhem Mill and picked up some of those scrummy baskets, they're much cheaper than Ikea. Sadly though they've all gone into the utility room, and filled with lots of boring things :( but at least the utility room look a lot prettier, lol! Thanks Carole xxx :)