Wednesday, 28 April 2010

The Crafty Corner

OK, a couple of friends have asked to see my "Crafty Corner". I have only recently moved into my own crafting space, before I stored my stash in three separate locations and had to drag it all to the dining table before I could craft which wasn't ideal although it was quite sociable as my daughter and I could craft together. Last year, we bought some fitted office furniture for the space under our stairs, and we had our PC there as our study area. However, now we have all got laptops, so the study wasn't being used, so I have taken it over!!! It's not huge, and I have already filled up all the available storage, but it is my very own "Crafty Corner" (hence the blog name!)

My noticeboard itself is special, as my OH made it for me, but it contains bits that I have made for myself along with gorgeous bits received from some of my lovely crafty pals (thanks girls!) I have big plans to make more things for myself for my corner - watch this space!!!

So now you know where I am most creative!!! Have managed a little crafting today, a set of ATC's for our May swap, but can't show you yet in case the recipient sees this post!!!

Carole x


  1. love your crafty corner carole, it's fab and your so lucky...

    oh where did you get the wicker baskets from? as my daughter's looking for some...

    maria x

  2. What a beautiful crafty corner you have Carole, and so neat too! Loving that tower of jars...and are those scrummy buttons I spy in those? lol!
    Sue x

  3. OMG!!!! I ADORE IT!!!!

    We have such similar taste Carole, this is exactly how I would have my crafty room/corner. I LOVE IT!!!!

    I also want these baskets and have been looking at them for a while, they're from IKEA, am I right?
    Do you have the larger ones on the top shelves and the two smaller on the desk? they look fab!!!

    I also LOVE!!! your notice board, hmmm I think I've spotted a few familiar things there, lol!
    I love how you have everything displayed, it's just fab!!!!
    Well done Phil, I think I may have to pinch that wonderful idea!

    I also love all your little jars of buttons, are they the Bonne Maman Conserve jam jars? I love them too!! this is the jam we buy and love those jars too, I love how they stack.

    Yummy, yummy, yummy I love it all!!!!!!!!
    You lucky gal!!!

    Also, is that a little covered match box I can see with the red ribbon on?

    Enjoy it all Carole, it really is the perfect crafty corner :)

    Suzie xxxxx :)

    PS. sorry I missed your call, again! :(

  4. I love your crafty corner I spy lots of buttons Can I come and make it messy? lol hugs almaxx

  5. Thanks for your lovely comments ladies!
    Maria, my "wicker" baskets aren't actually wicker but a kind of seagrass natural material and I got them from Dunelm Mill (sorry Suzie not Ikea!!!) They were very reasonable too, £5.99 for the bigger ones and £4.99 for the smaller.
    Alma, you are welcome to come and help me mess it up anytime (not that I need help, you should see it mid craft!) I might even stretch to a cuppa while we craft!
    I love those Bonne Mamman jam jars! And yes, full of scrummy buttons (in fact some of those buttons are the Foof A la ones which were a purchase I blame you for Sue Bubbles!)
    Suzie - shhhhhhh! Don't tell Jackie that you spied her matchbox!!!

    I hope you now don't all think we are heavy drinkers (as if!) When I got the idea, my BIL was running his own restaurant, so he kept the corks for us, and Phil made the frame and stuck them in! I love it.

    Yep Suzie, I'm sure that you do recognise some of the beautiful things on my noticeboard, as should Alma and Sue Bubbles! I love them all!!!

    Carole xxx

  6. I do reconise some stuff I do I do I so want to play Can I tip all your buttons out? and just feel them lol I love buttons almaxx