Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Hop, Skip and Jump

I did say that my new rosette die would be popping up again soon didn't I?!  Here it is playing a starring role in my layout.  I have been wanting to scrap this picture for a long time and finally got around to it :)  It turns out that I don't actually have many lilac or purple papers but the photo really called out for some lilac due to the coat that Alex is wearing in the photo so I had a rummage and the best I could find was some plain cardstock, so went with that.  I actually really like this one :)

Carole x

Monday, 18 February 2013

Four Legged Friends

I was very brave on this scrapbook page, even if I did cheat a little bit with being brave!  I like it when I see other people's pages who have, very bravely, added little ink splats.  However I have tried this a couple of times and it has always ended in disaster for me, so as a rule, I don't go near my layouts with messy stuff.  So, whilst away on our crafty weekend, I got to have a little play with some different stamps (I don't own many, and the vast majority of those I do own are sentiment stamps for greeting cards).  The paper I chose for the background seemed to represent the sand of the beach, and I very bravely stamped the splats!!!  A bit of a cheat I know, not real splats, but it was a start!

I'll let you into a secret ... I actually really like the splats!!!  There.  I said it out loud!!!

I also happened to notice that this post is a bit of a mile stone for me - my 300th :)  Never thought I would get to that many!

Carole x

Saturday, 16 February 2013

My Boy

I normally find the sort of paper that I used for the background of this page really awkward to use, so wanted to have a go.  It's not like I don't like the papers, just can't use them!  My friend Angela just loves these papers and will choose them over normal papers every time, but not me.

My boy has grown up so much since this trip to Corfe Castle and is now no longer a little boy but a young man.  A young man with lovely straight teeth (even though we haven't yet been finally signed off from the orthodontist due to one particularly naughty tooth that keeps moving).  I do love these pics though :)

Carole x

Thursday, 14 February 2013

You Mean the World to Me

If I can't be slushy on Valentine's Day, then when can I be?! Another layout from my weekend away!  Look away now if you don't want hearts and roses (OK, not so much of the roses, but plenty of hearts!)

I like how this one turned out even if I am not too sure about the pear!

Carole x

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Meeting Mickey

I have recently been using a lot of sketches via Pinterest mainly to help me with my scrapping.  This one however just happened on its own :) Very simple but I am happy with how it turned out, and I am loving the little tabs at the moment, you might have noticed them popping up on lots of my recent projects ...

I am slowly getting around to scrapping our Disney World trip - hasn't taken me too long, we only went 6 years ago :D

Carole x

Sunday, 10 February 2013

The Long and the Short of It

I love this photo!  My Father in Law specifically asked me to take it last Summer at a family gathering, he was amused to see his eldest and his youngest grandsons together :)

Since the subject matter was the height difference, I couldn't resist adding a strip of measuring tape washi tape :D

Carole x

Friday, 8 February 2013


Over the course of my recent girl's crafting weekend, I created six layouts :)  Never have I had the chance to craft for such a long time, and far from getting bored, it has sparked my creativity and made me want to craft more!  I just hope I can keep up the momentum :)

I purchased the gorgeous rosette die, so just had to put it to immediate use!

As the subject was the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, I had thought that I would scrap these photos using red, white and blues (so predictable!).  However, as you can see, I resisted!  and I am so pleased that I did, and really love the rosettes (expect to see them popping up on my projects a lot!).

Carole x

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Project Life 2013 - January

Oh my goodness!  I LOVE this project!  I love those little pockets!!!  It was such fun to fill them - in some cases like tiny little scrapbook layouts and others just a photo.  I know doing this project monthly means that it will probably contain edited highlights of our life rather than nitty gritty life, but that's fine with me.  As I said before, I just know that I would fall behind if I tried to tackle it weekly.  However, never say never, and let's see how I get on this year and see what I decide for next year ...

So, a double page spread each month.  This one took me some time - mostly in the editing and printing of the photos, so I will need to get better at that!

I have made my 12 monthly month headers, all ready just to pop in the pockets as I assemble my pages, so that will save a little time each month too :)

I was so looking forward to the end of January so that I could do this layout and just because it is my least favourite month of the year.  ALSO because myself and three crafty friends went away last weekend to a lovely little lodge in Somerset where we spent the whole weekend (Friday - Monday) crafting!!!  Bliss.  It was such a lovely, relaxing, creative, inspiring weekend and I absolutely loved it :)  Thanks so much for a great weekend Emma, Debbie and Angela ... can't wait to do it again!

Carole x