Monday, 18 February 2013

Four Legged Friends

I was very brave on this scrapbook page, even if I did cheat a little bit with being brave!  I like it when I see other people's pages who have, very bravely, added little ink splats.  However I have tried this a couple of times and it has always ended in disaster for me, so as a rule, I don't go near my layouts with messy stuff.  So, whilst away on our crafty weekend, I got to have a little play with some different stamps (I don't own many, and the vast majority of those I do own are sentiment stamps for greeting cards).  The paper I chose for the background seemed to represent the sand of the beach, and I very bravely stamped the splats!!!  A bit of a cheat I know, not real splats, but it was a start!

I'll let you into a secret ... I actually really like the splats!!!  There.  I said it out loud!!!

I also happened to notice that this post is a bit of a mile stone for me - my 300th :)  Never thought I would get to that many!

Carole x


  1. Adorable, gorgeous layout.

  2. Yeah, she did it and she likes it! (even if they are fake) ;)