Thursday, 14 February 2013

You Mean the World to Me

If I can't be slushy on Valentine's Day, then when can I be?! Another layout from my weekend away!  Look away now if you don't want hearts and roses (OK, not so much of the roses, but plenty of hearts!)

I like how this one turned out even if I am not too sure about the pear!

Carole x


  1. Lovely layout Carole, and great pic too!

    I like the pear, you could always pop a little photo of you or one of you both together next to it, and say the perfect "pair" :) xxx

  2. lol just read suzie comment and was going to say, add another pear and say a perfect pear (pair) lol..

    anyway fab LO, I did try to comment the other day, but every time I pressed comments, lost your blog :( so am pleased I can and read other comments, yeah...

    maria xx

  3. Just found your site, love your creations and will definitely drop by more :-) Teresa