Friday, 8 February 2013


Over the course of my recent girl's crafting weekend, I created six layouts :)  Never have I had the chance to craft for such a long time, and far from getting bored, it has sparked my creativity and made me want to craft more!  I just hope I can keep up the momentum :)

I purchased the gorgeous rosette die, so just had to put it to immediate use!

As the subject was the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, I had thought that I would scrap these photos using red, white and blues (so predictable!).  However, as you can see, I resisted!  and I am so pleased that I did, and really love the rosettes (expect to see them popping up on my projects a lot!).

Carole x

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  1. Such a lovely layout Carole, well done! I love to use of layered embellishments too, but tend not to use them so much now, as I have found they can get a bit squached in your album. Are you planning on leaving your layouts out or putting them in an album too? xx