Sunday, 10 February 2013

The Long and the Short of It

I love this photo!  My Father in Law specifically asked me to take it last Summer at a family gathering, he was amused to see his eldest and his youngest grandsons together :)

Since the subject matter was the height difference, I couldn't resist adding a strip of measuring tape washi tape :D

Carole x


  1. Another great layout Carole. Gosh! you really are drumming them out quickly now, lol! Must try and catch up with you :) Love this photo too, how wonderful and something fun to look back on too :) xx

  2. love it carole...

    love the way you've used the washi tape, but when I brought some in paperchase, you said you didn't like it? anyway love what you've done with it

    maria xx

  3. What a great idea of your father-in-law to snap this one, it is totally adorable! Love your washi tape and stars, too.