Wednesday, 9 March 2011

A non typical Carole Card!

Here you go, a non typical Carole card at last!!!

This is a birthday card I made for my friend Natalie's daughter Amber's birthday this week.  Amber is mad about cats (especially Morris, hence the orange/ginger cat) but sadly can't have one of their own as both Natalie and her son Oliver are allergic to cats.  The card was a free template with a magazine and I just covered it with paper, cut out some stripes and added a ribbon with a bell!

As well as it being Amber's birthday this week, it was also her brother Oliver's (bad planning on Natalie and Steve's part I say!!!)  OK, I admit, this one probably is more of the usual Carole style and those funny glasses  have once again come to the rescue:

Don't know what I will do when I have made cards for all the men/boys in my life using their funny glasses photos ... maybe a funny hat for next year?!

I have been wanting to have a go at patchwork.  I made my one and only quilt 17 years ago when I was pregnant with Alex, using the fabric left over from making the nursery curtains.  So yesterday, I went in search of some fabric to coordinate with the curtains and cushions that I made for our bedroom when we redecorated it about four years ago.  I had mixed success, but found some perfect material for £5 a metre.  Not sure how I will get on, especially as I want to make it kingsize, so I haven't invested in the wadding or the backing fabric yet.  I am looking forward to designing my quilt, but until I have got all the fabrics I can't really start ...

Carole x


  1. Beautiful cards, the cat is really striking! Good luck with your patchwork!

  2. love the cards, both fab, well done another one out her comfy zone, lol (alyson too)...

    look forward to seeing your quilt as you do it, have fun, (it's something I've always wanted to do)...xx

    maria xx

  3. Fab card I do love the cat one LOL and the other one is so funny:) Your patchworks sounds fab and if they are a s good as your cross stitches I can hardly wait to see what colours and design you come up with hugs alma xx

  4. Hi Carole, your cards are wonderful!!! Still very Carole I would say, which ofcourse is great!
    Fab idea to add those photos for male card, they really are fun!
    Promise to post your nesties soon Carole, I'm so sorry, we're still in total chaos, and still trying to sort out my bank account, grrrr!
    Love the idea of your quilt, I started one years ago (when I worked at John Lewis) so perhaps around the same time as when you first started yours? There was a fab fabric shop on the high street, and would pop in on my lunch break and grab loads of remnants, what a treasure trove! Anyway, after sewing for what seemed like years, I finally gave up and sadly lost interest :( so gave it to my Mum to finish. That was years ago, and have never seen it since, probably up on her loft with a million other bits and bobs, lol!
    Really looking forward to seeing yours, perhaps I will feel inspired to dig it out of my Mums loft and finish mine :)
    Promise to get intouch soon.
    Suzie xxx :)

  5. Cute cards, Carole, love 'em both! That cat is so unique! I haven't tried quilting yet, and I'm kind of scared to not least of all because I can't sew on fabric to save my life, but also because I hear it's as addictive as paper crafting! A friend gave me a small kit to make a table runner, so I guess when I'm ready to give it a go, I'll be starting small. It will be great to see how your quilt goes, maybe I can live vicariously through you, heehee!