Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Recycled Gift Bag

Another Pinterest inspired crafty make here, this time gift boxes.  I don't know about you, but I love the gift boxes and bags you buy to pop gifts into, but aren't they expensive?  So, I had a go at making my own, a mixture of a bag and a box, made from an old cereal box (I cut the box in half and made both these boxes)

Before anyone points it out, yes, I admit it, they are very Carole styley!!!  I covered the boxes both inside and out with my lovely parcel paper and made another bottom from stronger card and again covered that with parcel paper just to make it all a bit stronger.  I wasn't entirely confident in the strength of my double sided tape so I have put regular sellotape along the bottom because it wouldn't be good if the gift fell out through the bottom!!!

I also made all my own flowers/embellishments which I was very pleased with, although that did mean that this wasn't a quick project, but hopefully will be appreciated by whoever I decide to give them to (as long as the gift fits!)

Carole x


  1. Hi Carole,
    We've been away to Yorkshire for a few days, and sadly it did nothing be rain, and we've just had a nightmare journey coming back tonight:(
    but.... the good news is..... I did manage to find a wonderful craft shop in Darlington :)

    I'm also off to Dublin in two days so loads of unpacking,washing and repacking, and all ready for our 6.40am flight on Sunday, and we've only just got back from Yorkshire tonight, or should I say early hours of Friday morning, yikes!!!

    Anyway, just thought I would pop by your lovely blog before heading to bed, and OMG!!! I just LOVE!!! your handmade gift bags. They are gifts just on their own.

    Yes, ofcourse they are very Carole, but that's what's so lovely about them.
    I think I would have to keep them all to myself and store wonderful things inside them :)
    How about adding a tag saying my special treasures?
    Or perhaps you could use them for crafty storage, say one for stamps? and perhaps the other for scrap paper?
    I've started to keep all my scraps by colour in clear ring binder covers in a wonderful Anna Griffin tote bag. Having tried sooooo many different ways to store them, I am now testing this idea out, and so far it's been great!
    Your wonderful bags would be sooo perfect for that, and fab in your crafty corner :)
    I adore them both! but the green one is really scrummy!!! I also see you've had a go at the paper roses too, they are just beautiful and so perfect for this, well done!!!
    Promise to catch up as soon as I get back from Dublin :) going for two weeks.
    Suzie xxx :)

  2. These are soooooo cool, love this idea!!! I showed them to Ailis, and she said, "They don't look like cereal boxes!" I really love the flowers, too. I've been meaning to make some lollipop flowers, but haven't ever, so I'll have to give it a go soon. Big hugs, Roxy.

  3. WOW love them and what a fab idea, think I will have to pinch it from you, lol..

    maria xx

  4. I love these gift bags... they are precious! I hope it’s okay, I just couldn't help but feature them in a cereal box cafts round-up that I just finished. You can see it here:


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