Sunday, 4 March 2012


We had some good news recently when Jamie asked my sister Jo to marry him :)  Not only that good news, but they have already set the date - for 1st September THIS YEAR!!!

So, obviously, I needed to make a card for the happy couple:

Quite simple, and inspired by something similar I found on Pinterest, but it did the job and they liked it :)  I liked it too, so modified it slightly and made Phil's Valentine card along similar lines ;)

Talking of Pinterest, I also found a fab photo that I showed to Jo, and she agreed to pose with Jamie, so after making a little sign, this is the result:

Luckily, we took this photo before they had an official pre wedding photo shoot with their photographer at the wedding venue last week!

More news regarding the wedding ... Jo and Jamie are coming down to stay with us for a weekend shortly so that we can make the wedding invitations ... I only hope that I/we can do a good enough job!  Will let you know!

Carole x


  1. Carole - what lovely news. And well done on actually doing something you saw on Pintrest - putting us all to shame!

    Look forward to seeing the invitations.



  2. OMG this is a fab idea for the engagement photo :-) they look super cute together. great card too