Saturday, 11 May 2013

Pendini Dream

Pendini Dream is the registered kennel name of our beloved old Italian Spinone, Ollie, and as I explain in the journalling, we didn't know that for the first seven years that we owned him!  It was only because we received Tilly's registration papers with her kennel name on that it got me thinking, so I contacted the kennel club and with what little information I had about his previous owners, managed to find out his name and get a copy of his papers!  Bless him.  He will be 14 years old on 22nd May, which is an incredible age for a giant breed of dog.  He is really showing his age now, and can't go out on walks any more, but he's doing OK for such an old gentleman.

Carole x


  1. I fell inlove with Ollie the moment I met him, what a beautiful beautiful dog.

    It's so sad when they get on in years like this. One of my Mum's dog is the same, and like Ollie, he's a giant dog too and can no longer go on bigger walks, as much as I'm sure he'd still like to.

    All I can say is, enjoy your time with dear old Ollie, he has the most wonderful home and family, and how fantastic you managed to track his papers.
    I adore your layout too Carole, I'm feeling very inspired by all your wonderful work, thanks so much for sharing and hugs to Ollie. Suzie xxx

  2. Loving Ollie and love your layers! ( I hope you read that as I say it !) beautiful colours gotta embrace the orange ness :) xxxx