Friday, 7 January 2011

Christmas Journal - 2nd January

I have decided that I will keep to my original plan and end my Journal on twelfth night!  I wasn't ready to finish with my New Year's Day page but I don't have much content for the remaining few pages either!  A couple of days are sorted and I'll have to put my thinking cap on ...

The subject of this page is part of the reason I am struggling - once we put away the decorations, it just didn't feel like Christmas any more!  I wanted to use my new Sizzix die (from the sale) before next Christmas so put it into use for this page.  I also hadn't taken any photos ...

I have also been lucky enough to receive a blog award ... not once but twice!  Thank you so much  Valerie who actually gave me this award just before Christmas but I delayed popping it on while I was in the middle of my Christmas Journal, and Alma who awarded it to me today.  I am delighted that both of these very talented ladies thought of my little blog!  One of the conditions is to write eight things about me, and the second one is to pass this award on to four other bloggers. 

1.  I love to read!  Always have, always will!  I always have a book on the go (although I do finish one before I start the next).

2.  I am very much a morning person!

3.  My favourite colour is red.

4.  I have a passion for collecting Emma Bridgewater crockery, and am also very partial to Radley handbags!

5.  My favourite dinner ever is Lasagne!  (and luckily I have a very good recipe which means that it also rates very highly on my family's favourite dinner list too!)

6.  Unfortunately, I am a chocoholic.  I love the stuff :(

7.  I really don't like snakes!  No, I really, really don't like snakes.  At all.  Don't mind spiders though!

8.  One day, I would like to go to the Carribean ...

The four people that I would like to pass this award on to are:

1.  Roxy of Roxy's Creative Hot Spot
2.  Sue of Sue Lesley's Craft Room
3.  Ann of A Mad Scientist's Musings
4.  Suzie of Suzie Boo Crafts (Suzie hasn't blogged for a while, but I know she is itching to get back to it, and her crafting will be worth the wait)

Carole x


  1. Great journal page Carole (love the new die!).
    Congrats on the award and thanks for sharing those facts (my SIL has a thing for Radley handbags too!).
    Sue xx

  2. fab journal page Carole and I also love radley bags, tula and fossil :)

  3. What are Radley handbags? Should I be worrying that I don't have any? What have I missed??

  4. Thanks, Carole! This is so awesome, I've never received a blogger award before, I'm so excited!!! I am an avid reader, too, and a chocoholic as well. Come to think of it, I love lasagne and hate snakes. We do have a lot in common! Love the page, by the way. That die cut is really nice! Hugs, Roxy.

  5. another fab page carole, congrats on the award and the list, (OK, I need to know what you bought in the sizzix sale?, lol)...xx

    maria xx