Sunday, 30 January 2011

Alma's Birthday

Last week, it was my lovely friend Alma's birthday, and since I know that her parcel has arrived safely, it's OK for me to show you the card and little gift I made for her as it won't spoil the surprise!

Alma is well known for loving two things a LOT - tea and the colour green.  So, with these two things firmly in mind, I made her birthday card:

and also her gift, a little wall hanging/plaque:

It started out mainly green, not sure quite how so much pink managed to sneak in (other than that I love the pink/green colour combo!)  Still, Alma tells me that she loves it, so that is the main thing!  She also tells me that it will be hanging in her craft room so she can look at it when she is crafting, and that is such a lovely thought!

Carole x


  1. A beautiful card and wall-hanging, Carole, no wonder Alma loves it, it really is her cup of tea!

  2. LOL @ Valerie!!! Love your comment x

  3. what a fab card, so right for alma, and the plaque is gorgeous, well done...xx

    maria xx

  4. Oh and I so do love them both and they are both still up in my lounge and once they have come down wil be appearing on my blog with my other wonderful cards As Val said they are just my cip of tea lol good one Val

  5. Such thoughtful and stunning gifts Carole, I bet Alma will treasure those, so pretty!
    Hugs, Sue x

  6. What a lovely friend you are, I think these gifts are just beautiful! I love that you made a tea cup shaped card, so clever!!! I meant to comment on your last page as well, but somehow missed it. It is beautiful - I really love the bright colours and the journaling spot. I often have to refer back to my little books or calendars too, but I'm not very organized, and sometimes I search forever to find what I want (or I find it later, when the page is already done and it's too late!) Good for you for keeping all those precious memories written down!