Monday, 7 February 2011

Love is in the air

Well, suspended above our mirror anyway!!!  I can't quite believe how long this took me to make (well over a week).  Which also makes me wonder just how on earth I managed to stay up to date and complete my Christmas Journal (and at the busiest time of the year too).

I had been wanting to try my hand at making a banner for a while - and now I think I will, maybe one saying "family" or "home" or something similar.  I just thought I would make something to celebrate the romantic season.  As the whole project had been dragging on it ended up a little more clean and simple than I had originally envisaged but I'm happy with that.  The rosette thingy under the red heart was fun to make, but a devil to stick down (and don't even ask about sticking the heart on top of it!)

While I was making my banner, Alex decided that she would also like one ...

This one is exactly the same as mine except for the teal scalloped circle to match her room.

Hoping to craft a bit more tomorrow, so maybe it won't be quite as long until my next post!

Carole x


  1. Love them both Carole.
    Happy crafting. xx

  2. I love your Banner Carole I recently made some rosette's and yep they do tend to spring back lol But you have done a fine job and it looks wonderful

  3. Hey Carole, I was wondering what happened to you, but I've been having the same problem too! This is a cute project! I think you may have inspired me to try one for Ailis's birthday, it's on Valentine's Day. But then again, maybe I should just concentrate on the party...We'll see how much time I have! If I do get one done, I'll make sure to post it!

  4. Beautiful banner girls, so pretty and elegant!
    Sue x

  5. lovely banners ladies, well done love them both...xx

    maria xx