Sunday, 27 February 2011

Happy Birthday Suzie!

Firstly, an apology for my lack of blogging - no excuse other than I haven't had anything to show due to lack of crafting opportunities!  Now suffering from withdrawal symptoms so hoping to get a crafting fix this week, although with the mountain of laundry both kids have brought home from their trips, it still might not happen :(  Even the bits I want to share today were made a few weeks ago but I didn't know until a couple of days ago that they had been received.

So, it was Suzie's birthday.  As it happens, it was her 40th, but that fact had escaped me until I saw Maria's birthday card for Suzie on her blog.  As you can imagine, her card would have been very different if I had known ... !

I know!  Before you point it out, yep, I've done it again, a typical Carole style card!  I just can't seem to help myself ... luckily Suzie seems to like it (at least that's what she tells me!!!)  Not sure if I should fight the urge to reach for the brown paper or just go with it, but it makes me happy!

I also made Suzie a little pressie which apparently has pride of place on her new fridge, in her brand new kitchen ... I'm so glad that she has now moved back into her home and is getting straight (even though the big move happened on her actual big day).  I'm hoping that her craft bits will be unpacked soon and her blog will spring back to life!!!

Although I haven't managed any crafting, I did help out with some this past week.  My lovely niece Charlotte (hi Char if you are reading this!) came to spend the day with me specifically to do some crafting.  Together we  made a cover for her Hampton Court school project, a birthday card for her little sister, a bookmark and a top secret project that I couldn't possibly tell you about just in case ... (!)  Sadly though, my camera was with Hayden in Austria skiing (Hayden that is not the camera!) so I have no photographic evidence :(

Hope to be back soon!

Carole x


  1. Hi Carole, glad you're back! Beautiful card, and definitely just go with the urge to use the brown paper because it looks just great with the bright colours (or anything really!) Love the gift you made too! Hope your camera makes it home safe and sound... Hugs, Roxy!

  2. Beautiful card and pressie, and you can be proud that it is typical Carole!

  3. Carole so your style I am sure Suzie loved them both I have missed your crafting and eagerly await more:) hugs alma xx

  4. lovely carole, I LOVE your style and don't change, they are both gorgeous, well done...xx

    maria xx

  5. And I do love it Carole, and your beautiful love hearts too, and ofcourse the alph set, thank you from the bottom of my boots, I love it all! xxxx :)