Monday, 18 April 2011

Crochet Update

I had my second crochet lesson last week after successfully completing my homework (yes, honestly, Yvonne sent me away to practise before we could move on to another flower with new stitches!)  So, having produced many "lazy daisies" it was apparent that practise makes perfect, and we moved on to "meconopsis".  I have spent the past week making these, so am looking forward to my lesson on Wednesday and learning another flower.

So, having an ever growing pile of crocheted flowers I decided it was about time that I tried one out on a card, albeit a rather quick card:

What do you think?  Hopefully as I get better at crochet I might be able to use smaller hooks and therefore make smaller more delicate flowers ... but in the meantime I'm happy with how these are coming along.

A couple of weeks ago (Mother's Day weekend), my Mum came down to stay with us and whilst visiting a garden centre we came across a Cat Mint plant.  Mum assured me that Morris would go mad for it as all of her cats always had.  He was less than impressed :(  Not one to waste money, I planted it anyway and he has ignored it ever since .. until today

today he loved it!  He rolled in it and laid on it for ages - money well spent and Mums do know best!!!

Carole x


  1. Wow, you are getting really good! And it looks fabby on the card!!! And Morris is just so cute, he reminds me of my old cat Zeus (he ran off a few years ago, probably to die as he was 18 or something.) Makes me want to get a new cat (although we tried that once, got a kitten and 3 days later she climbed up in the wheel well and Jason ran her over, poor thing!) Hm, kind of a downer of a comment, so I'll finish by saying, love the flowers, maybe you should start an etsy shop!

  2. Love the pics of Morris, what a sweetie, and your flowers are coming along nicely! Valerie

  3. Well done Carole! your flowers are just lovely!! Morris is just so scrummy too, what a stunning pussy cat! xxx :)

  4. love the flowers and the card carole, well done, shame we didn't live closer, you could teach me ;-0

    as for the photos of Morris, they are fab, just waiting to be scrapped..xx

    sending you lots of hugs and

    maria xx

  5. fab flowers I would love the pattern for them hugs alma xx