Monday, 4 April 2011

Mother's Day 2011

I was a little later than I would have liked in making my Mother's Day cards this year, but the one for my MIL was posted in plenty of time and arrived sometime before the big day, and my Mum was here with me for the weekend so that was OK too.

You will be pleased to know that I have broken into a brand new pack of papers!!!  The time seemed right, and I tried to keep the cards similar while being different ...

My Mum's card:

and my Mother in Law's card (she is very particular that it isn't Mother's Day but Mothering Sunday, and on this day you just can't argue with her!):

Both cards are made using "Hampstead" papers and embellishments, and both feature birds!  I didn't have the right size card blanks, so made my own, but my cream card was a little thin, so I also decorated the inside of the cards, mainly to strengthen up the card but I think it really added a little special touch ...

I had a lovely Mother's Day too.  I received some lovely gifts and cards, and although Alex was working all day, I got to spend some time with my Mum.  We visited a garden centre and came home and planted the new plants, and my lovely hubby cooked the roast dinner all on his own!

Carole x


  1. Lovely cards, Love the Mother's Day one and the Mothering Sunday one!! Happy Mothering Monday to you from a happy Grandmothering person!

  2. Thanks Val!!!

    At least my MIL's insistence on calling the day by its old fashioned name means that it is easy to differentiate between my two cards!!!

    Carole x

  3. Lovely cards Carole and it sounds like a great Mothering Sunday for you.
    Hugs xx

  4. Beautiful cards Carole, I really love the Mothering Sunday one, and think it's lovely to refer to it by it's old fashioned name. Hope you made it into your crafty corner yesterday, looking forward to seeing what you've come up with. xxx :)

  5. love them both carole...

    and I was lucky enough too to have a roast dinner cooked for me (and the kids and my mum by hubby, lol) pleased you had a good day...xx

    maria xx