Sunday, 26 June 2011

My New Toy

I happened to mention to my Mum that I was on the look out for a portable typewriter as she works as a volunteer in a charity shop and is also partial to the odd boot sale or two.  So, imagine my delight when she phoned me to tell me that she had indeed found me a small old typewriter for £3!!!  Yes, £3.  The only slight problem was that the ribbon had completely dried up and being so old, it wasn't clear whether we would be able to buy a replacement.  I am really pleased to have found a ribbon on ebay, and although the spools were larger, the actual ribbon was the same width and so my OH was able to wind the new ribbon onto the old spools - the ribbon cost more than the typewriter though (at £2.75 + 75p postage!).

I'm hoping to use this lovely little machine for scrapbook journalling, sentiments on cards and other such things that I haven't even thought of yet!  It is funny typing on an old fashioned keyboard after the ease of a modern laptop ... takes me back to my typewriting lessons at school!

The first little craft project that I have used my typewriter for is this:

quick little place cards that I knocked up yesterday for our dinner party - the men had stars with plain steel brads but the photo was too blurry to show :(

Carole x


  1. When I saw your typewriter, I gasped!!! I love old typewriters, and I think they're getting quite trendy these days (at least the images of them are). My mom has a really old one, must be more than a hundred years old, and the ribbon has holes in it, but she still messes around on it every now and again. I think your buy is totally worth every penny!

  2. WOW love it carole, my sister had a typewriter but not me, wonder if my mum still has it somewhere, lol, enjoy...xx

    maria xx

  3. Now, that's progress for you!! Enjoy your toy. And how are the cats? Valerie

  4. This is great Carole! I adore your place cards too!
    Suzie xxx :)