Monday, 3 September 2012

The Wedding!

Sorry for no blog posts for AGES but life has been a little bit manic around here, ever since we got back from our lovely holiday in Portugal in fact.  In fact, there were more blog posts while I was away because I took the time to schedule a few posts!

So, part of the reason that it has been so busy here is that the BIG day was approaching ... and I had tonnes of wedding stationery still to make before my lovely sister's wedding day!  Obviously I had made the invitations and the other bits that were sent out with the invitations way back in May, but other bits I couldn't make until the guest list was finalised (like the table plan and place settings).  I also had it in mind that I wanted to make Jo and Jamie a unique wedding card, but that was putting myself under even more pressure ...

The actual invitations consisted of a bundle of different cards (invitation, gift list, RSVP card) all tied up with string and with a label tied on.

The invitation was printed onto kraft card (and getting that to go through the printer was a nightmare all on it's own - thanks to Alex for helping me with that!).  The corners were rounded, a heart and bunting were punched out and all inked up, then out came the sewing machine to sew on the bunting.  The RSVP card was postcard size again with rounded corners and a punched heart, and the gift list was postcard size and again with a heart.  The little label was cuttlebugged and stamped with yet another heart - the inking alone of all the hearts and bunting literally took HOURS!

So, after our holiday we still had the table plan, place settings, table numbers, and order of the days still to do!  Alex very kindly helped me again with the printing then I set to work on the rest of the bits.

The Order of the Days were quite easy!  The place settings not so!

We printed the names onto A4 kraft card first then had to cut the tags out trying to centre the names on the tags - and another inked heart!  These were then tied around the napkins on the tables.

The table plan was nine cards like the one above, again with the bunting but also with a number and they were all stuck onto a gorgeous vintage mirror that Jo and Jamie will have in their home.  These table plans were what caused me the most stress - table 7 had to be done 4 times (for various reasons, only one being our fault!)  Every time I thought it was all done and dusted I received another distress call from Jo and duly had to start all over again and drag out the sewing machine!!!

The bride and groom presented me with a beautiful bouquet of flowers at the wedding reception which was just lovely, and I had many compliments throughout the day about the stationery :)

This post wouldn't be complete without a picture of the happy couple now would it?!

It was a fabulous, amazing, happy wedding day, absolutely perfect.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and was proud to have played a little part in making their day so lovely (might have cried a little bit too!!!)

Will be back to show you the wedding card I made, and also the mini album I made for Jo which we presented to her on her Hen Night ...

Carole x


  1. Fabulous work Carole! I love the kraft card and all the little details you added.
    The day itself sounds wonderful.
    Hugs xx
    p.s. gorgeous flowers too...:)

  2. your bouquet is stunning, and im not surprised, you did an amazing job with all of those invites and other stationary!
    Jo looks stunning, and her hubby looks happy too bless him lol..... no we just have to keep you busy doing something else?!?!?!? :)

  3. WOW!!!! Everything looks AMAZING Carole! So pleased you all had such a beautiful day. Your sister looks stunning, and ofcourse her new hubby too! Love all the stationary, so beautiful and such a lot of work. What a wonderful sister you are, helping to make the day so very special.
    Loved all the pics and vids or FB too, wish I had had this at my Wedding, I'm sure you do too.
    Love it all!!!
    Hope to catch you with you very soon!
    Suzie xxxx :)

  4. Holy cow, Carole, you did a fantastic job, but what a lot of work! Sure is beautiful, though - I always love the look of handmade invites the best. There's just something about getting the package in the mail with all the RSVP cards, etc. that seems, I don't know, proper? Is that the word I'm looking for? I've had wedding invitations by group email before, and that just seems wrong!!! Anyway, glad everything turned out, you are the best sister to do all that! And your sister and her new husband look so gorgeous - I think he looks a bit like Patrick Dempsey! Hugs to you, Roxy.

  5. Goodness Carole - you have done an absolutely phenomenal job here. I'm so glad that it all went well and have to say that I've seldom seen a bride look so relaxed and, as a consequence, so beautiful.

    What a good sister you are!!