Friday, 14 December 2012

A Christmas Carol(e) - Days 8 & 9

For these two pages, I tried something different.  I tried something that I had a feeling I would love.  I tried something that I have been wanting to try for ages.  I used pocket pages :)  I love little clear pockets!  I have been thinking about buying and doing Project Life for well over a year.  On Black Friday I very nearly crumbled and purchased the whole lot until I saw the final bill.  I am going to have to do something similar because the thoughts and the feelings just won't go away ... so watch this space!

Back to my Christmas journal though, and little pocket pages:

I knew that I wanted to fill one of the pockets with Christmassy confetti, so that I did first.  I sewed the pocket shut so that the confetti stayed in place and decided to sew the title/kraft strips on at the same time. I had to work out how to incorporate some patterned paper, and also to keep the kraft theme going too.

The end result?  Two pages that I am really pleased with :)  Think I am going to love doing my own version of Project Life!

I have been naughty today, and instead of writing the rest of my Christmas cards, I have been playing catch up on my journal, and am up to date!!!  I am sure that it won't last long though.  Hopefully the light might be better tomorrow and I can get some good photos of days 10, 11, 12 and 13.

Carole x


  1. Love them both Carole! Yes, playing with the pockets is great fun. I also have thought about doing a project life album, but just not sure. I was thinking of doing my own, as I have several 12 x 12 pocket pages, but just not sure? I didn't know Amazon UK did a kit, hmmm, I must look into this, could be tempted too! xxx :)

  2. I saw these briefly on Facebook, but I guess I got distracted and didn't pop over here to comment - these look fantastic!!! I love your experiment with the pocket page, and it will be awesome to see what you do in the New Year with Project Life. (I've got tons of journaling cards pinned and/or printed for smashing, but most of them are designed for Project Life, so I've been kind of thinking the same thing, but...maybe too much of a commitment!) Anyway, love the confetti, hugs, Roxy.