Monday, 3 December 2012

A Christmas Carol(e) - Day One

I have had a nightmare with this wonderful project so far this year :(  It is only because I so love doing a Christmas Journal that I have persevered.  Imagine only being able to do day one on 3rd December?!

My problems started when we moved almost all of our bedrooms around this past week, and consequently, we also moved my Crafty Corner upstairs into the new spare room.  So, on 1st December, my entire stash was stacked up and inaccessible.  Never mind, after a lot of sorting I had a lovely new craft room, this time with windows (my craft space before was under the stairs and dark) and a larger work surface (less storage space was the only down side, but after much sorting, it all fits!)

Once that problem was sorted, my next problem presented itself.  Printing photos.  In my previous two journals I have printed photos onto ordinary photocopier paper, but this year I wanted better quality photos. Earlier this year I inherited a little Canon photo printer which prints really good quality prints.  Perfect!!!  But, no.  I have stocked up with cartridges and paper and was ready to go.  I have taught myself how to create photo collages so that I can print smaller pictures more suitable to the size of my journal.  All good.  But, no. It turns out that there are two problems, (1) it is impossible to install drivers so that I can print directly from my computer and (2) even by uploading the collage picture back to the camera, the camera then won't read the file and print it :(

So, I have no choice but to get my photo collages printed every few days wherever I can.  So very frustrating.  Looks like I will be running a good few days behind in the whole journal.  However, I am very determined that I will finish.

So, after much stress, here is Day One:

Self explanatory really, my OH has been growing a moustache for the Movember charity and both he and I were very glad to see the back of it!  Makes a change from my usual day one of the advent calendars though!

I hope to be back soon with some more pages to share!

Carole x


  1. Oooooh, I see what you mean about feeling my pain, grrrrr! That is frustrating! Ah well, we are in the same boat as far as printing, I am sure it will all work out! But besides that, I love your pics - I have a few friends that did the Movember thing as a team, and I need to search out pics to see how their moes turned out! Hugs, Roxy. Oh, P.S. so nice you have your own room with light - lucky gal!!!

  2. What a fantastic fun first page, well done Carole. Great pics!

    Gosh Carole, you sound very stressed out, and here's me thinking you'd be a dab hand at this by now ;)

    Don't worry about the photos, I'm sure whatever you do will be great!

    Glad you've got your rooms sorted now, and hopefully we'll see you posting more on the FB group :) xxxxx