Wednesday, 2 January 2013

A Christmas Carol(e) - Days 14, 15, 16 & 17

I'm not quite sure what is different this year to previous years, as in the past I have managed to more or less keep up to date with my Christmas Journal.  Not this year.  Not a chance!  I don't know why.  What I do know is that I WILL finish this album.  I have to.  I LOVE this project.

I apologise for the quality of the photos, but if I wait for good light to take photos of my pages then it could be months!  So I took them on my desk in my lovely new craft room which hasn't been used nearly enough recently!

I love Yankee candles!  Not just at Christmas either ... and luckily for me, we have started stocking them at work too YAY!

Since we haven't even seen a single snowflake during December, I found a way of including a snowscene on this page!

It was such a good feeling to get all my wrapping done (and I had so many rolls left from previous years that I decided to mix and match this year and use them up!)

I started early with my Christmas preparations, and still somehow got late (especially with sending out my Christmas cards, although I was still in time to catch the last posting date for 2nd class).

Today, I did sneak into my craft room again, but had to make some cards as January and February are very busy months for me.  I used to love making cards.  Then I discovered scrapping!  Enough said?  I made 6 ladies birthday cards all of the same style, two important male cards (my new brother in law and my father in law), my 10 year old nephew and a congratulations card for my cousin who got engaged at Christmas :)  Hopefully todays card making session will see me through until the middle of February then I will have to make some more!

Back soon with more pages from my journal (currently I am up to Christmas Eve).

Carole x


  1. Oh, Carole, how I wish I was you neighbour, your place looks so festive, and I love how you've been making treats, too! I tried that in the days before kids - we made Irish cream from scratch! It was delicious, but haven't done it this year. Maybe it doesn't need to be strictly at Christmas? I've never heard of Yankee candles! I love that you have a secret santa - did you find out who it is yet? Anyway, Happy New Year! I'm finishing this project soon, too, otherwise I'll never finish it, like last year's! Hugs, Roxanne.

  2. Loving your pages Carole!
    I have actually finished mine but need to set up a slideshow!
    Happy New Year.
    Hugs xx

  3. Great pages Carole! I also adore Yankee candles and was also given some for Christmas this year, woo hoo!!!
    So pleased you're loving your "new" crafty corner, sounds like you're getting lots of crafting done. I'm doing a major sort out and clearout/spring clean, after feeling so rubbish over xmas I felt I needed to clear out a bit and bring in the new year, being more organised and most importantly making more time for fun and crafting!
    I too need to finish my xmas journal, I hope to do that in the next few days, watch this space :)
    Suzie xxxx :)

  4. yeah more pages, well done carole, love them all and well done being determined to finish the project, lol..

    as for making batches of cards, yeah join the club that what I started last n=year, OK that was because the wedding stuff, but plan on doing the same this year as so 'determined' to do scrapbooking this year...

    maria xx