Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Birthday cards

Now that the cards are being displayed on the appropriate mantel shelves, I can share them with you. I made these two cards for two special people - my hubby Phil and my lovely friend Yvonne.

As ever, I struggled with a card for a man, but was quite pleased with the fairly simple design I came up with.

Yvonne and I met through our dogs! We walk together in the forest at least once a week but usually more often. She has two Bassett hounds (hence the card design!) and an absolutely gorgeous American Cocker Spaniel called Max. Since moving to Dorset I have made friends in all sorts of ways, but some of my bestest friends I met through the dogs - must be something about "doggy people"!!!

Carole x

p.s. I'm hoping to get some good photos of my new and improved "Happy Girls" so that I can show you. My double sided tape was pants so I have sewn them together, and whilst I had the needle and thread out, it seemed rude not to sew on a little bit of bling!


  1. both fab cards carole, well done especially with phil's one (I hate doing men's one too, lol)...

    maria x

  2. Lovely cards card, Happy Birthday to Phil too! xxx :)

  3. fab cards Happy Birthday Phil xx