Thursday, 9 September 2010

Taking a Risk!

I had a lovely afternoon crafting yesterday, but I only managed to make two cards! I am really pleased with both of them and shouldn't really be sharing them yet, but I am going to take a risk and show you one of them. It is for my sister Jo who is away on holiday at the moment and not back until the day before her birthday on Sunday, so I'm hoping that she will be too busy unpacking and going out the night before to think to check my blog! I normally have to remind her to have a little look anyway.

This card is so me! Hopefully Jo will like it too. Alex thinks that it is a typical Carole style card!

I will show you the other one after the special day!

Carole x


  1. It is a typical Carole style card but there's nothing wrong with that! It's gorgeous and so nice to see the chicken - must get mine out!
    Sue xx

  2. oh carole it's fab, those chickens are so cute and you have them looking so different in all the cards you do, I love it, well done...

    maria x

  3. Beautiful card Carole, I'm sure your sister will love it!
    xxx :)

  4. Lovely card, Carole, as you say, really YOU! And I love that veggie card, too, lovely idea!
    Have a nice weekend, Hugs & sparkles!

  5. Oh I love that Card just perfect