Monday, 6 September 2010


I spent a little time in my Crafty Corner yesterday, but not creating any of the cards and projects that I have on my own to do list! My Mum had asked me to make her a couple of cards for special friends of hers. One was easy, it was like one that I had made previously (although this one is improved due to me trying out two new punches), but the other was more of a challenge. Her friend is turning 60 and is a keen gardener. Not a problem I thought. But not a gardener of flowers, oh no - vegetables! Oh my goodness. I gave this card loads of thought, so had some ideas when I came to make it.

I had bought a pack of doilies when we visited Swanage, and I wanted to have a play with them, so one of those is on, I printed off a vintage picture of vegetables and backed them on some kraft card to kind of represent seed packets, and then I made a couple of carrots! I am really chuffed with my carrots, made by making a little card cone covered in double sided tape and then DMC embroidery thread wound around and poking out of the top of the cone for the leaves. I also tried to replicate a seed marker to get the 60 on to the card to continue the gardening theme. I hope my Mum, and her friend like it.

Alex and I have also been working on a couple of magazine commissions over the weekend .....

Hayden went back to school today, and Alex starts her new school on Wednesday, so I am hoping to fit some regular crafting into our new family routine. We shall see!

Carole x


  1. Beautiful cards Carole -I really like the veggie one.
    Sue xx

  2. fab cards carole, well done love the veggie one, hope all went well for school today for hayden and good luck for alex for wednesday...

    maria x

  3. Well done Carole, beautiful cards, the carrots are just fab!!! Clever you!
    Suzie xxxx :)