Friday, 24 February 2012

Morris' Beetle

As threatened, here is another layout made with my lovely Picadilly papers:

This layout was started at our last crop which also, very sadly, turned out to be the last crop due to not enough people attending.  A sad day.  I love how these papers can make a lovely bright vibrant layout, and also, like this one, a more subtle and calm layout.

Morris was completely fascinated by the huge Stag Beetle in our garden!  He watched it for ages, and even stuck a paw out and batted it.  The beetle was very brave too when faced with a big hairy orange beast and was up on it's hind legs battling!  It was hilarious to watch, and Hayden managed to get a couple of fab pics of the action.

Carole x


  1. Wow that beetle is mahoosive! And very brave of him and morris to be so close!

    Love the subtle ness of the page, it is weird to think that they are from the same collection and yet give such different results.

    Love the flowers and your well placed journalling spot, lovely page xxx

  2. What a cute page! Love all the flowers and the hint of blues! Cute photo of Morris as well - what a shame I hadn't had the chance to met him!

  3. OMG...that beetle is ginormous!!! Very brave of Morris to battle with it.
    A lovely LO Carole...and also very poignant.
    Hugs xx

  4. Wow, that's one very big beetle Morris is indeed brave to tackle it. Fab phtos taken by Hayden. Sorry to here your crop has closed as I know how much you enjoyed it. Fab lo Carole

  5. Gorgeous layout, loooooove the colours, and the story is hilarious!!! What a good shot Hayden managed to get, there! Huge beetle, those things just creep me out, eeeeew! Too bad about your crop being the last, maybe you need to start your own smaller group?