Tuesday, 26 June 2012

A Boy and His Dog

This post contains a couple of things that I am happy about - at last I have managed to work out how to crop a photo so that whatever I am photographing my layout on is minimised :)  This has bothered me for ages and ages, and it was only when I read another blog post about creating collages in Picasa that I was having a play and worked out how to do it (getting it from Picasa to my blog was another matter entirely - thanks Alex!)  So hopefully all my layout pics should now be slightly more professional looking!

The second thing that I am happy about is the actual layout!  I found a piece of patterned paper that was like a shelf of books, and this was one of the titles.  I have had this picture waiting to be scrapped for ages and when I saw the book title I knew that the two had to go together.  I am really pleased with this one, and it came together quite quickly :)

Carole x


  1. Great layout Carole! This book-title PP is perfect for this photo!

  2. well done you, Im glad you managed to get PICASA sorted :)
    I hadnt noticed all of your blog posts lately, you have been busy bee haven't you :) as usual i love them all, especially this one with the book and the stars, yummy!!!

  3. Aw, yeah, looooooove this one!!! Wow, it's stunning, love the circle and the vertical stripe down the side (is that stamped?), the banner and stars, and the punched strips... Did I mention I love this layout?! Funny thing about puddles tasting better in the forest. Reminds me of last night, Nolan had a bath with some bath salts (he had a pretty rotten cold) and decided to eat some of the salts! I just about freaked!!! "It's not like table salt! You can't eat that stuff!!!" Silly kid, you have to watch him every minute.

  4. I love it Carole! Great photo and sketch. The title is perfect too.
    Hugs xx

  5. Hi Carole

    How gorgeous is this LO? You're right of course, when it works - then it really works!!!!!! Have been catching up on your blog today and, as ever, love your work sweetie. Hope you re fully recovered xxx