Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Rock of Ages Smash Page

I have been reading on the *Smash UK page over on Facebook that lots of people seem to have lost a little bit of interest in Smashing.  I have been guilty of not Smashing recently but not because I have lost interest -which is just as well as I have just received a few more Smash bits and bobs via my Sister in Law in America - including a couple more books (well, the price on was ridiculous it really would have been rude not to!!!) but because I don't get to craft all that often and I get stuck in a groove, which at the moment is most definitely Scrapbooking.

However, yesterday I completed a Scrapbook page and still had some time left over so I did a Smash page while the memories were fresh and I knew where all the bits that I wanted to Smash were :)

As you will see if you read the journalling on this page, this show is FABULOUS!  I loved it :)  I also loved Smashing again, so watch this space!!!

Carole x


  1. Great pages Carole!
    I still haven't started my Smash book - slapped wrists all round!
    Hugs xx

  2. Looks great your Smash book.