Thursday, 21 June 2012

The Odd Couples

Fingers crossed that I have managed to work out how to schedule a post - if it works I might be back to slightly more regular blogging!!!  However, since I'm not at all confident in my computer skills, I have chosen one of those layouts that I don't love.  I don't hate it, in fact I don't hate any of my layouts - I spend so much time planning and shuffling paper that each one turns out the best it can be, but sometimes even after all that effort you don't end up loving the layout.  Only very occasionally have I done a layout that I can truly say that I love - but isn't that part of the fun of scrapping?  Hoping for that elusive layout that you love yourself.  Maybe I am too hard on myself, too critical, I'm not sure.

I do however love the photos, taken at Christmas when we were larking around with the funny glasses!

Carole x

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  1. I love this, Carole, the pictures are hilarious!!! And I love your mix of papers! I know, it's hard to love our own work sometimes, but that's why it's nice to have blogging buddies, because we're always so supportive of each other, right? Hugs, Rox.