Tuesday, 23 October 2012

I Love Tuesdays!

It's official, I love Tuesdays!  It is my one day that I try to keep free for me, and more specifically for crafting.  Of course, it isn't always possible due to family commitments, but when it happens I am happy!  Today was one of those days!  Not only did I get to craft but I got to craft with Emma who found herself home alone (and that doesn't happen very often either!)

Emma likes a challenge, and so rather than signing up for a class I volunteered to set her a daily challenge (for the record I would hate it, I am much too comfy in my comfort zone thank you very much!)  However, when our crafty Tuesdays coincide, Emma and I have often worked from the same sketch or prompt to produce a layout (usually totally different).  With this in mind, I was careful about what challenge I set for Emma for today (Ha!  I'm not as stupid as I look!!!)  However as she was a day behind, I actually ended up doing not only today's challenge, but yesterdays too (and I wasn't expecting that!)

The first one (the one I anticipated) actually caused both Emma and myself a few problems, but I ended up quite happy with it:

I will admit to a couple of unsticking and re-stickings with this one!  If you would like to see the original pin that inspired this layout, it is here.

The second layout of the day was inspired by this pin, and here is my take on it:

I challenged Emma to include at least three lollipop flowers (which she did) but I went for five and maybe it is a little bit too busy?  Never mind, it is another layout to add to my album!

Carole x


  1. I love them both Carole! Great use of white space on the first and the second has such a fun feel to it...and, no, it's not too busy!
    Hugs xx

  2. Lovely layouts Carole. Your scrap Tuesdays sound like great fun! I have never tried scrap lifting myself, love to look at others work and get ideas, but have never actually tired it, must give it a go. I did however, spend a day last week cutting into several of my old 12 x 12 layouts and making them into A4 size. I also played with my sewing machine and made lots of customised pockets to fit into my albums, some with allowing you to fold, which I love!!! Must take some pics and pop on my blog so you can see what I've done. Also been very busy sorting out bits for my craft fair, only two weeks to go, yikes!!!!! Still looking forward to doing the countdown to Christmas and re-joining you on FB. Hope you are keeping well! Hugs Suzie xxx :)

  3. They are both lovely Caz, the Tilly one is so cute, i love it when you write your own little comments on the pages. xx

  4. Hey, Carole, I laughed so hard at your last comment on my blog - sometimes I forget that certain words must be Canadian!!! These pages are great, I love that pie chart accent on the first (all the rage these days it seems!) and the lollipop flowers on the second - soooooo wonderful, I keep forgetting to give that a try, must do this soon! Hugs, Roxy.

  5. Gonna miss OUR tuesday this week :( never mind im counting down until next week! :)

    Love that you joined me for 2 challenges this week, was fab to have you there helping me along... as always our layouts are completely different but I love that... I love the page of you and Jo, the colours are fab and im glad you didnt go for a ***** title! :)

    See you soon xxxxx

  6. WOW both brilliant carol, well done for managing to do a couple more pages... I think it's great you setting challenges... xx

    maria xx