Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Christmas Journal 2012

* spoiler alert *  - warning - this post contains information regarding my Christmas Journal, so if you don't want to know look away now ;)

Today was the much anticipated day when I started my Christmas Journal 2012 :)  I have been mentally planning what I want to do this year and made a start today by making all the numbers.  I was hoping to maybe tackle the cover of my Journal too, but the numbers took most of the day, so will save the cover for another day (and it gives me a little bit more thinking time too!)

I was planning to use up bits and bobs of Christmas papers that I already have in my stash ... until I went to Daphne's for coffee and fell in love with a collection of beautiful holiday papers and just HAD to have them :)

I love how they remind me of Christmasses when I was a little girl, and I love the fresh yet vintage feel to the papers - slightly more modern colours for me too!  So, this is the collection I will be using, along with a kraft A5 binder from Paperchase.

So, my numbers.  I took a look at how I had done the numbers previously and wanted something a bit more detailed this year, so had a look on to our shared CCCCCCK board on Pinterest and found some inspiration (I have set up a Facebook group for anyone interested in doing a Christmas Journal, and we also started a group board on Pinterest for shared inspiration, so if anyone reading this would like to join too, then let me know!)  Since my journal is kraft and there may well be some kraft pages too, then I thought that my numbers should also be kraft.  So after much Cuttlebugging, here they are!

I selected and punched/Cuttlebugged a few more elements ...

then a few more and I was ready to start assembling:

Getting there:

Just a few final tweaks - snipping the ribbon ends, sewing through them all and adding a bit of bling and here they are:

and just because I love seeing them altogether:

While I was searching through my stash looking for bits, I was popping anything that I thought might come in handy into a box all ready for December 1st

I am now feeling decidedly excited about this years journal, and can't wait to make my cover and do a little more prep!

Carole x


  1. This looks just awesome, Carole!!! Where did you get that music paper, or is it in the collection? I love that collection, by the way - haven't seen that one yet! And I love the bit of bling the stars add to your numbers, and how they're all consistent - just beautiful! Oh, now you've get me all excited to get going on mine, I think I'm gonna start today if I get a moment! Hugs, Roxy.

  2. yeah well done carole, love them and so pleased you're all excited with it...

    which book did you decide on to do as your journal? cannot wait to see your covers...xx

    maria xx

  3. Well done Carole! Great prep work...I too love that Christmas collection...I was lucky enough to get some last year in their "box sale" on FB!
    Still haven't decided whether to join in or not...two funerals this week have left me shattered.
    Hugs xx