Sunday, 21 November 2010

50th Wedding Anniversary

When my friend Natalie saw the card that I had made for her parents Golden Wedding Anniversary she said that any she bought for them wouldn't be as nice as that one (she's very kind, although working in a card shop I know that there are some very nice ones available!!!)  So, she asked me to make one for her to give to them.  This posed a problem as I had pretty much exhausted all my ideas for a golden wedding card already!  However, Natalie provided a black and white photo of the wedding day all those years ago, and I ended up making an A4 size card as when I reduced the size of the photo the quality was pants.  I wanted it to end up a bit like a scrapbook page ...

I am delighted to report that Natalie loved it, and more importantly, so did her parents!!!

I stole a little bit of time in my Crafty Corner this afternoon, but nothing much to show, as I was doing yet more prep work for my Christmas/December Journal.  I am determined to finish this journal after all the hours already invested, BUT the December rota for work has yet to be posted ...  I know what I am going to do for December 1st, and Phil went up into the loft/attic this afternoon and retrieved our advent calendars so that not only can we fill them up but I (or Alex) can photograph them in readiness for my first journal page!!!  How exciting!

Carole x


  1. What a fabulous card Carole - great idea to use a wedding photo. :)
    Nothing to report on my Dec. journal yet.
    Sue xx

  2. This is a beautiful card, well done, no wonder they all loved it!

  3. Carole its a beautful card and an inspired idear to use a wedding photo I just love it:) hugs alma xx

  4. No wonder they loved it Carole, it's fab. What a great idea using a photo from the wedding day. A great keepsake there.