Wednesday, 10 November 2010

A little bit more Christmassy!

I've had a lovely day!  After the absolute drenching that the dogs and I had yesterday, today's walk was just beautiful.  We went over to our friend Louise's, who recently moved into the New Forest, and we walked there.  It was lovely, cold but sunny, but guess who forgot to take the camera?!!!

I then managed a few hours in my Crafty Corner!  That always makes me happy!  First of all, I prettied up one of my jars of mincemeat that I am giving as a little gift:

This really is a handmade gift!  If you have never tried making your own mincemeat, then you really should!  It's not difficult and I've got a fabulous recipe!  Email me if you want it - but be warned, you will never go back to buying it from the shop!  And don't worry, you've still got time to make it for this Christmas - it needs a couple of weeks to sit before using.

I've also done some more to my Christmas Journal!  I have done the first, or introduction page.  This is on the reverse of the cover.  I decided that I would like to use my fountain pen for all the journalling, and this is what caused me the most bother!  I hadn't used my pen for a while and it just wouldn't get going, so my writing looks a little bit scratchy :(  Never mind, could be worse!!!

I also did some more preparation work.  Tedious or what?!  I Cuttlebugged all the numbers that I will need for all the days!  Oh my goodness, such a lot of ones and twos!!!

I popped them into an empty jar - it has obviously been washed but you can just make out that it had mixed spice in, so my journal will even smell a little bit Christmassy - sigh.

Carole x


  1. Wow Carole you have been busy I love the idear of it smelling of mixed spice and homemade micemeat well I never, no really I never, lol I bet it tasted good and looks mighty fine all done up I love your journalling page, I have mine to do yet hugs alma xxx wow:)

  2. journal is looking good carole...

    and yes please, I would love the recipe of the mincemeat please, I was only thinking the other day I ought to do more cooking, as find it relaxing and you've got something at the end, lol...

    maria xx