Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Christmas Tree Baubles

I have a few things to share with you now that I know that things have been safely received, but think I shall spread them out due to lack of crafting opportunities at the moment!

So, to continue with my christmas card theme, these are the last two of the set currently made, again using my sale die (it also has a stocking on it, but I haven't had a play with that yet!)  I have had these glittery Doodlebug papers for ages and never quite known what to do with them, but they seemed perfect for christmas baubles (at least the red did, the green might be a bit too lime, but whatever, I went with what I had!)  The only slight problem was sticking the wavy line on - not easy onto a glittery surface!

At the moment, I am thinking about doing a "Journal your Christmas" thing!!!  Mad I know!  I decide to take the pressure off myself by not making ALL my christmas cards this year, then think about doing a day by day, blow by blow journal of Christmas!  I love Christmas, and I probably wouldn't have to do it again, not for a few years anyway, as for me part of the magic of Christmas is the traditions, so not all that much changes year to year.  Am I mad?  Already got loads of notes jotted down and ideas buzzing around in my head ... I thought about signing up for an online class, but think I will do my own thing - IF I decide to go ahead that is!!!

Carole x


  1. Carole I love your cards I love the baubles in tradtional colours but then the modern twist> I love the idear of doing a christmas journal, and would love to do something like this I also love the tradtions of christmas. I sure whatever you do will be wonderful hugs alma x

  2. Lovely cards again Carole - I quite like the green. :)
    Yes, I think you're mad doing a Christmas journal! I don't really - good luck with it.
    I'm not feeling very Christmassy so will leave it for another year.
    Sue xx

  3. now do I have to answer the bit where you asked if you were mad!!!!

    LOL of course you're not carole, I think it's a fab idea, my daughter is thinking of doing one as her first away from home and in her own house...

    love the cards...xx

    maria xx

  4. Hi Carole

    Love your baubles - they're gorgeous. My Christmas journal from last year is lying - pages decorated but not filled - so perhaps I should actually journal this year!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You go for it girl.


    p.s. 150!