Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Evie's Birthday

My cute little minx niece Evie had her third birthday the other day.  I found the cutest little red with white polka dots tea set in a little red and white spotty suitcase for her birthday, and this is the card I made for her:

Not sure what is going on with blogger today, but apparently I'm not following ANY blogs, so no updates have come up in my dashboard list, but yet when I go to one of the blogs that I am following, there I am listed.  Go figure.  Not sure now whether to re add or hope that it will sort itself out (don't you just hate it when things like this happen?!)

Off this afternoon for another crochet lesson, so I will hopefully be able to produce three different kinds of flowers!

Had a successful afternoon in my Crafty Corner the other day (as Suzie Boo will confirm, as she surprised me with a visit mid craft!) and managed to get both that male 21st and my son's birthday cards done - phew!  Will add to my blog after the big days!

Carole x


  1. I love evie's card...

    well done on getting the two 'MALE' cards done, I think they are the worse... so a BIG well done, lol...xx

    maria xx

  2. Lovely card Carole. Blogger is rather crazy the past few days, seems to be on a go slow/ go mad/ go-anywhere-except-where-you-want-to trip!

  3. Very cute card and the present sounds perfect for a little girl. :)
    How nice - a surprise visit from Suzie.
    Hugs xx

  4. Great card Carole, I love how you've use your new dies too :)
    Hope you get your blog problem sorted out soon Carole, I too seem to now have a problem, where I type my text on my blog, it all seems to bunch up and just does not look right at all, I've tried everything, but no joy, grrrr!

    We had the most amazing time are your beautiful house Carole, thank you so much for your lovely warm welcome. It was lovely to spend some time with you are all your lovely family.
    Pics of our new puppy on my blog now, if you want to take a peek :)
    Suzie xxxx :)