Sunday, 22 May 2011

My New Babies

As promised, here I am, back with some good news.  Meet my new babies!  As you know, we very sadly lost our beautiful Morris and we have been missing him like mad and our home just didn't feel right without a cat.  So, yesterday, we picked up these adorable little bundles of fluff (and when I say little, they are tiny, especially the one on the left).  They are both boys, brothers and are 6 weeks old (I am now a little worried that they are too small to leave their Mum, but I was assured that they are).  I shall make an appointment and take them to our vet tomorrow to have them properly checked over.

As we didn't know whether we were getting brothers or sisters or one of each, we had terrible trouble deciding on names for them.  The little one (did I mention that he is miniscule?) quickly got the nickname Little Pickle for obvious reasons and despite me suggesting other names (such as Sidney) I have been over ruled, and Pickle it is!

For ages, the other kitten was referred to as "the big one" - bless him.  He really isn't big at all, only compared to his little brother!  Eventually we settled on Arnold as his name.

It's so lovely seeing them playing (and fighting) together, they are so funny.  We very briefly introduced them to Tilly (our Spaniel) today, and she is such a good girl that she refused to look at them so that she wouldn't be tempted to chase them.  They did little arched backs and Arnold even hissed at her (Pickle tried and made the face, but no sound came out bless him).

Loads more scrapping opportunties - I can feel them coming on already!

Carole x


  1. They are sooooooooooooooo gorgeous! Wish you all a lot of joy with your two new boys! Vaöerie

  2. Oh Carole..I'm in love!! They are soooo cute. Who could resist those sweet little faces.
    Great names too!
    Hugs xx

  3. Awww, they are beautiful Carole, now we both have new babies in our homes :)
    Where did you get them from? Not Watford I hope, you naughty gal, you should have called me!
    Six weeks does seem very young to leave their Mother, you're right to have them checked out, but I'm sure they will be fine. What great fun you will have with them both!

    LOVED!! your last layout too, such a lovely photo of you both and such lovely words too!

    Sorry to hear about the funerals Carole, and that your building work is getting you down, I honestly know what that feels like, on both counts!
    But your bathroom will be sooo worth it, and as for your new furry pals, well, they are sure to bring lots of happiness with them to your (already) beautiful home :)
    Suzie xxx :)

  4. Oh they're so cute.

  5. they looked so cute carole and cannot wait to see and hear about their antics...xx

    maria xx

  6. Carole they are adorable thank you for sending me photos, that will teach me not to read your blog I have so many blogs to catch up on I just adore them both I look forward to hearing all about there little adventures as they grow and explore hugs alma xx