Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Male 21st Birthday Card

Yay!  Blogger seems to have sorted itself out and has decided that I am following some blogs afterall, so hopefully normal service has been resumed!

I don't want to speak too soon, but my mojo seems to have hit an all time high ... although the timing couldn't be worse as the builders are expected in tomorrow to rip out our old bathroom and replace it - about 2-3 weeks work.  I usually find that I craft better when I am on my own with peace and quiet so I'm thinking that tiles being knocked off and men going up and down my stairs won't be very inspiring!  However, I have completed four, yes, you read right, FOUR scrapbook pages over the past two days!  I'm on a roll!

However, today I shall share the 21st birthday card that I made for Jonathan - expertly photographed by Alex:

Luckily, Jon loved it (although for some reason known only to students) he thought it was a tv set!?

It's lovely to have some projects stored up to share over the next few days (or weeks, depending how stressful I find the invasion!)  I did remember to take some "before" photos of the bathroom, will try and get some "during" ones and can't wait to be able to take the "after" shots!

Carole x


  1. Hurray for your crafty mojo Carole! Can't wait to see all FOUR layouts, Wow!

    Having seen this card in person (so to speak) I know just how brilliant it really is. I love the Denis the menace cartoon theme, but don't get the tv set??? Obviously I'm not a student, lol!

    Good luck with the bathroom Carole, don't hit the format button like I did, and sadly lost sooooo many of my before and during photos, which I will never get again :(

    Suzie xxx :)

  2. Oh fabulous, brilliant card.

  3. Great card, The TV comment was def. a compliment! Hugs, Valerie

  4. Love that card Carole! I can sort of see why he thought it was a TV set (must help being the mother of a 21 yr old student!lol). Good luck with the bathroom renovations - can't wait to see the LOs!
    Hugs xx

  5. Yay - you're back Carole - thought we'd lost you!!!

    Love this card - you have a very individual and instantly recognisable style which I love and ency. This card is soooooo cool.

    Reminds me - was helping my mum put stuff back into her new kitchen and I found something which has your name all over it (but it's still lying in the boot of my car a week later - doh!!) Note to self - parcel for Carole.

    Lovely to see you back in blogland sweetie.


  6. Also - for got to say. I showed a friend of mine a pic of Ollie some months ago and she fell in love. So much so that she is now on waiting list for a Spiinnone pup due in July!


  7. What a cool card, is that patterned paper or an actual comic? Can't wait to see photos of the bathroom - we're living in my mom's house right now, and she still has her cable hooked up, and I'm addicted to HGTV! It's awful, but I love before and after's!!! Big hugs, Roxy.

  8. love the card carole,and a BIG well done on making 4 layouts, that fab, look forward to seeing them...

    are you up to meeting up for a coffee, or would you rather wait till the bathroom is sorted? as I should be able to make it on the 31st May...xx

    maria xx

  9. fab card my oldest son would love that he collects dandy and Beano annuals great photograph as well by Alex xx