Friday, 27 May 2011

Hayden's Birthday Card

Now that my new bathroom is almost finished, and all the boxes, sinks and loos have been removed from my lounge, I could finally get to take down Hayden's birthday cards which reminded me that I hadn't yet shared with you the birthday card that I made for him.

This card is made from a piece of red A4 card folded, and the graph paper was amongst some old school books that Hayden was chucking out and actually has a graph on the reverse!  The letters were cut from an old copy of either The Beano or The Dandy (can't remember which).

Thanks again to Alex for taking the lovely pictures.

So, it is lovely to have a quiet house today!  We need to choose some flooring then when that has been fitted the bath panel and plinth can be fitted and it will all be finished!  Hooray.  We are delighted with it so far.

The kittens, Pickle and Arnold, went to the vet on Monday.  She gave them both a clean bill of health along with a  dose of worming medicine (just in case!)  She thinks that Pickle is just little, the runt of the litter, but hopefully he will thrive now that he is home with us.  We have to weigh him every day to make sure that he is gaining weight.  The first day we weighed him, he weighed just 620g and has put on 20g so far this week (bless him!).  We have to pop him into one of my mixing bowls on my kitchen scales :)  Being little doesn't stop him chasing around and playing/fighting with his big brother nor from purring very loudly and loving his cuddles, as does Arnold who compared to Pickle is such a strong robust little chap and equally cuddly and contended.

Well, thank goodness it's the weekend.  That was quite a week.  Exhausting.  Gotta love Bank Holiday weekends, especially when there is a huge clear up along with more decorating to be done ...

Carole x


  1. Lovely carda, and glad the pussies are getting on nicely! Take som more pics of them please! Hugs, Valerie

  2. fab card carole...

    so pleased all is well with the kittens, I bet 'pickle' will use his extra 20g he's put on with all that running around he does... we found that with our smallest tortoise, he doesn't stop running around, so does not put much weight on, but eats lots..

    maria xx

  3. Gorgeous card sweetie. I am so glad all is well with the two newest members of the household, esp. little Pickle. Please don't mention bathrooms renovations!!!!!!!!!!!! See blog this week for explanation LOL!


  4. Wow Carole i adore this card it works so well and I love the colours you have used it could be used as door sign as well