Sunday, 17 July 2011

Lots of Love

I've been really busy pinning today.  However, not the highly addictive pinning on Pinterest my current most favourite website and source of huge inspiration.  No.  I've been making curtains.  We re-decorated Hayden's room about a month ago and bought the fabric just after and I have been trying to summon up the enthusiasm to make a start.  This horrible wet, typical English Summer weekend seemed like the right time.  Unfortunately for me, Hayden's room has two windows, so it's double the work.  Anyway, I have made a good start but I am going to have to give up my crafting day in order to finish the curtains ... and probably a few evenings of hand stitching the hems :(

So, here is a card that I made after being inspired by a similar one on Pinterest:

I reckon that this could be quite versatile and could be an anniversary (or wedding) card, birthday card, or like I have done here just to send some love to someone who needs it.  I made the envelope by drawing a square and using my compass to draw semi circles round all the edges - simples!  I couldn't help myself, just had to add the parcel paper and make the card my own!

Carole x


  1. Oh fabulous card Carole.

  2. Love it Carole! Cool colours and a great sentiment.
    Hugs xx

  3. lovely card carol, hope the curtains are going well, did you decide on the bedding?

    maria xx

  4. Very cute card Carole!
    Suzie xxx :)