Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Christmas Journal 2011 - 16 December

Both my children broke up from school last Friday, and when they got home, I was still at work.  So, I suggested that they might like to meet me after work and we would go for a coffee and cake to celebrate the end of term.  And that's what we did!

They weren't at all impressed that I wanted to take a photograph in Costa, but I insisted, and as they know how important my Journal is to me, they reluctantly agreed, but I didn't get many chances to get a good picture!

Carole x


  1. Hi Carole, another great page. End of term is always fab, well at first anyway, my two have already started to drive me crackers with their fighting, lol!

    I've now uploaded the recipe book I made for my Mum on my blog, remember the one I told you about, anyway, it's there if you want to take a peek.

    Hope you're enjoying all the festive prep, I know it's your fave time of year.

    Suzie xxx :)

  2. I love this page, and what a great idea to go out with your two for a little treat! I like to do that once in a while with Ailis, but Nolan can sometimes get too rambunctious for any enjoyment, and Brenna - forget her, she can't sit still for anything! Mostly I just get drive-thru coffee these days! Great photo, you guys look so happy, hugs, Roxy.