Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Christmas Journal 2011- 3 December

Saturday 3 December was the day that we had set aside to put up the Christmas decorations, and that is exactly what we did!  Our five (yes, I said FIVE!) Christmas trees are now in place and twinkling!

My boys (Pickle and Arnold - my cats) are loving the Christmas trees :(  They work as a team to knock the baubles off to the one waiting who then bashes it off for a game.  As soon as that bauble goes underneath the sofa or a cupboard, they just get another bauble off the tree - grrrrrrrrrr!  Pickle even got stuck half way up the tree when he became entangled in the wire of the fairy lights.

Carole x

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  1. hahahah, that Pickle, what a punk! Kind of nervous about putting up a tree, what with a puppy and a toddler - life is going to get very difficult! Yours look fabulous!!!