Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Christmas Journal 2011- 2 December

If I didn't love how my Christmas Journal turned out last year, I might well have given up on this years Christmas Journal.  I can't believe that I got so far behind so quickly :(  In my defense, I have been doing lots of stuff suitable for journalling, it just didn't leave me much time to actually do the journalling!!!

So today when I got home from work, I headed straight into my Crafty Corner and got on with it!  I am now quite used to the small size I chose for this album, and being so small means that it has to be fairly simple, which in turn means that I can finish a page fairly quickly and hopefully keep up with this project!

Day 2:

We finally got to go out for dinner to celebrate Alex passing her driving test!  She drove us all to the restaurant, but Phil and I didn't take advantage of having our own personal taxi this time (maybe over Christmas we will!)

Carole x

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  1. Wow, this is the first thing that came up on my blog roll! We must be online at the same time, cool!!! This is great, simple is good, I'm having the same process with mine. It's strange to go from elaborate cards and pages to just a little page with one or two pics, but I think I'm getting the hang of it now! Don't worry, you'll catch up! It's Jason's b-day today, so I best get cleaning this place up and figuring out a plan, poor guy has no card from me this year, no time! Maybe I'll make him a bookmark tonight! Big hugs, Roxy.