Monday, 5 July 2010

It's all Sue's fault!

Alex and I were in Waitrose this morning and as I passed the flowers, I remembered that Sue Bubbles had been looking for a little plant with cream bell flowers. So I wandered over to check it out for her, and found nothing even vaguely resembling cream bell flowers. BUT, I did find this dear little Gerbera, all unloved and reduced to 49p. Bless. So, I brought it home complete with its wilting flowers (although I did check that there were new buds underneath the leaves), gave it a good water, and now it is as good as new! Even the wilting flowers are not sad anymore! If only they had watered it, they could still have charged the original £4.99! A bargain! Thanks Sue ...

Carole x

p.s. Really hoping to get into my Crafty Corner this week ...


  1. LOL! I'm going to our Waitrose tomorrow on the same search Carole!
    You got a bargain there - beautiful Gerbera.
    Sue xx

  2. LOL...Ive got everyone at it...he he! You did well there Carole, normally when ours get reduced to silly money, they get popped on the staff only shelf! I will say though girls...that THAT is the same white pot that MY plant was in! Im pretty sure the plant I wanted was nearer eight or nine quid. The search goes on....
    Hope you make it to crafty Corner this week!
    Sue x

  3. lovely gerbera carole, it looks like sue has us all looking for this plant...

    now does it really exist?.. as we only have sue's word for it, lol...

    maria x

  4. What a fab find Carole I do hope Sue finds her plant

  5. What a lovely find, and it looks so beauitful too!
    Suzie xxxx :)